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Welcome to Modulus Solutions Inc.!

Modulus provides SAP Solutions custom designed for your business.

How we do it...
  • We have a team of associates who are highly experienced in ERP, particularly in SAP in a wide variety of industry verticals. Our team is hand-picked for each client's unique requirement.
  • We have an added network of Solutions and Technical Architects who specialize in ERP consulting.
  • Our Project Managers are adept in developing actionable deliverables, which are seamlessly aligned with your needs and objectives creating a competitive advantage and economic value.
  • Our Subject-matter-experts recognize the importance of effective communication. We work with all levels of your work force.
Our value proposition...

Results at a fair and competitive price.

We strive to identify competitive positioning, revenue-enhancing, cost-reduction and cost-avoidance opportunities that will generate value greater than ten times our professional fees.

We provide cutting-edge intellectual capital, the latest in ERP thinking and proven solution techniques that accelerate the benefits for our clients.

Our Track Record...

Impeccable. Earned the trust of our clients with successful SAP implementations.



Why SAP?

Optimize your business

Beat the competition

Expand your market






"The beginning is the most important part of the work."




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